The Chat

As part of our ongoing support for our supporters and Ireland’s thriving SFF scene, we’ve been interviewing the people who are right behind us with a Bid to host the Worldcon in Dublin, 2019. Paul is one of our steadfast supporters – and he’s currently got an Indigogo up for the third part of his […]

Today it’s time for The Chat with the fantastically talented Susan E Connolly! What are you working on now? What excites or challenges you about this project? I am currently working with the BBC on a potential near-future SF TV show. It has everything! Gore! Emotion! Love! Challenges of prejudice! Intricate discussions of medical economics […]

Can you spot Bekka in this picture ;)! Today we continue our series of chats with authors and creatives who support our Bid for a Worldcon in Ireland for the first time. Bekka King is an author who lives in Seattle but is of Irish descent. Her work is features Irish mythology and is often […]

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! You may have noticed Iain’s work already; on our flyers and posters, at our tables, or maybe you were lucky enough to get one of our postcards of Mae Jemison; the first black female astronaut. He’s everywhere, and we love his work! Iain’s our chosen one for The Chat today! What are you […]

We love Russell Smith! Our ‘An Comhrá’ interview asks people to ask a minimum of one question per section, but Russell went for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! Whoop! We’re delighted to add him to the ranks of SFF authors and creatives who support the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid. Take it away, Russell! Russell got eaten by […]

Time for another Chat with one of our supporters, where we pester authors to answer some quick fire questions and tell us why they think a Worldcon in Ireland is a great idea! Adrian Tchaikovsky is a familiar face at many UK conventions, and we were delighted to catch him at this years’ Octocon in Dublin […]

This week it’s the national Irish convention, Octocon, and many of those of us who aren’t actually running it will be there! Also attending, in a rather grander capacity, is Emma Newman, who will be Guest of Honour alongside Maura McHugh (who we featured in Irish Fiction Friday earlier this year). We caught up with […]

How would you describe your work to people who may be unfamiliar with you? I have an extremely varied CV! I guess I’m primarily known for writing much of the background and character material for 7TV, the cult TV skirmish/roleplaying game. I also spent a ridiculous amount of effort creating and casting non-existent movies and […]