Irish Fiction Fridays: Bob Shaw: Light of Other Days

Welcome to Irish Fiction Friday! This week we feature a short story by well-known Irish fan Bob Shaw, who was very involved in early Irish fandom. We’ve already featured The Enchanted Duplicator that he co-wrote with Walter Willis. “Light of Other Days” features illustrations by Paul Campbell and was nominated for a Hugo in 1967. […]

Irish Fiction Fridays: The Last Reel: Linda E Rucker

This week on Irish Fiction Friday, we are featuring a dystopian fairy tale. “The Last Reel” is presented here as a podcast on Pseudopod, but originally appeared in Supernatural Tales #10, in 2006 and was reprinted in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR #18 (2007). Lynda E Rucker was born in the American south […]

Irish Fiction Fridays: Recording Angel: Ian McDonald

Today’s edition of Irish Fiction Fridays brings you the science fiction tale “Recording Angel” by Ian McDonald. “Recording Angel,” which was originally published in 1996, was later expanded into Chaga. There’s a terrific interview with McDonald (Author Spotlight) that gives some background to the story. Ian McDonald was born in Manchester in 1960 (to a […]