Bid Code of Conduct (Press Release)

Although this press release and it’s contents have been implemented previously, we are posting this to the blog so that everyone can see our intent when introducing a Code of Conduct for the Bid Team and Process.

Worldcons have had Harrassment Policies for many years, but never a policy for the bid itself. In our campaign to encourage the greatest diversity of fans from around the world and all corners of fandom, we have decided to introduce a Code of Conduct for the Committee, Bid Team members and Volunteers.

“All people involved with the Dublin 2019 Bid are expected to show respect towards each other and any and all members of speculative fiction communities”.

This sentence is central to the Code of Conduct for Dublin 2019’s Worldcon bid. Our bid is a campaign for Dublin, Ireland, to host the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, run entirely by fannish volunteers for fans. Our community will be based upon the foundations of creating a safer space for everyone where creativity, shared fannishness and awareness of our common ground blossoms.

(Edit: A draft of this Code of Conduct was open for consultation until January 2015, at which point the comments and suggestions were discussed at a Committee meeting. Several useful changes were made as a result of this.):

Everyone, whether they are aware of Worldcon, or entirely new to this historic convention, can comment on what we are doing. We would like help to make this the best bid ever, and that includes making it the safest. We would especially like feedback on our decision to include a newer concept: Code of Conduct contact team members. They are specifically chosen for this task, are not on the Committee or Bid Team, and they can help handle an issue raised in a sensitive manner.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, we are looking for volunteers to help make our bid a welcoming place for fans who have never been to Worldcon before, or who want to try Worldcon again. We want to represent as many people as possible and encourage those interested in science fiction, fantasy and fanfiction authors and creators, cosplayers, comic readers, furries, gamers, movies, television, YA novels, robotics, and all things fannish and geeky to volunteer.

Queries can be sent to