Alqua’s Dublin 2019 Tankard.

Our fans have been really busy recently. We have Sara Felix’s beautiful harps, art from Iain Clarke and shamrocks from Marsha Glassner. And now we’re also really pleased to be able to show you Alqua’s beautiful tankard, which he designed, sculpted and then fired for us. The images show the whole thing being made from first design, to the exciting last firing.

Thank-you Alqua! We absolutely love it.

01 Laser cut

The First Laser Cut.

02 Just before stamping

Just Before Stamping

03 Wet Mug 3

Wet Mug before Firing

04 After First Firing

After the First Firing.

05 Painting



Alqua painting the lettering…


…and adding the Glassing!

06 Covered with glassing

Glassing added and ready to be fired!

07 Final product

The Final Piece!

07 Final product - interior

Mine’s a pint!