The Bid in Action

We want to make Dublin 2019 one of the most welcoming and successful Worldcons ever.

We have a super venue, Ireland has a thriving science fiction and fantasy community, and our team is already looking great. Of course, we hope to be able to improve it, which is where we are looking for your support and enthusiasm.

We’ve brought together old and new voices to organise Dublin 2019, and want to be able to welcome all fans from around the globe in order to make a diverse, exciting and vibrant Worldcon happen in this lovely city. As well as bringing the rich history of Ireland’s science fiction and fantasy to Worldcon, we also want to celebrate its current voices, and to reach beyond traditional Worldcon audiences to celebrate the greatest parts of SF/F media and culture on an international level.

What we’ve already done

The bid was officially launched at Loncon 3 and Shamrokon in August 2014, where we ran an information booth and a number of hospitality events, as well as attending the WSFS Business Meeting and speaking at the Fannish Inquisition. We also launched our pre-support and friend memberships (check them out!).Between our launch and the Worldcon in Spokane, 2015 we’ve been out and about at over 20 different conventions around the world, and have a lot more parties, tables at cons near you (hopefully!) and events planned.

We have already have three open tours of the CCD to date. More are planned, so get in touch if you are interested in seeing this wonderful venue. If you are very lucky we’ll let you press the button to open one of the secret bars… but no promises (because they are a secret).

By August 2015, we already had the following support from fans:

  • 605 Pre-supports
  • 135 Friends
  • 24 Backers
  • 14 Super Friends
  • 700+ Twitter Followers
  • 1400+ Facebook Friends

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep updated. Of course, if you are going somewhere we are not, please please please (!) let us know, and we will send you one of our Bid Boxes, which contains everything you need to run an event or fan table (and maybe even some crisps, you never know).


Government Support

Fáilte Ireland and The Dublin Convention Bureau have stated that they wish to support a Worldcon in Ireland. This support would come in a variety of forms, including monetary assistance if we are successful with our bid.


How You Can Support Us

We’re always looking for ideas, for people to help us, and for useful suggestions. It’s never too late to get involved and we’d love to have you onboard. Please get in touch, or even better, help us make Dublin 2019 really strong by volunteering, getting your pre-support and friends membership or helping out at one of our events. See our contact page for more details.

Our committee was announced on in autumn 2014, and we have been building a strong Bid Team ever since. We will continue to do so, and are always looking for volunteers and other helpful, enthusiastic people.

The proposed dates for Dublin 2019 are Thursday 15th August – Monday 19th August 2019.

You can download our official brochure as a PDF: Dublin 2019 Brochure.