FANtastic Dublin Fund


FANtastic Dublin Fund

Dublin 2019, An Irish Worldcon, believes in supporting the fannish community. We want to enable as many people to attend the event as possible. There are three groups we particularly hope to help, in no particular order: people of colour/non-white fans, members of the Irish Traveller community, and residents of the island of Ireland who face financial hardship. Information about how we will support the first groups will be published later. This page is about our crowd-funding scheme based on the successful FANtastic Detroit Fund, which was developed for Detcon1, the 2014 North American Science Fiction Convention.

The goal of the FANtastic Dublin Fund is to provide heavily discounted memberships to residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Dublin 2019.

How to Support the Fund:

This is a crowd-sourced programme. We are asking for donations towards memberships. Dublin 2019 will match up to the first 12 memberships purchased. This does not restrict the number of memberships that fund donations can purchase. At this time donations are only being accepted via our paper registration forms, but an online donation option will be available soon. All funds will be used exclusively within the FANtastic Dublin Fund.

How to Apply for an FDF Membership:

In early 2019 we will post an application form on this site and promote it widely. This will include the full details about how and when the selection will be made.


Q: I don’t qualify for the FANtastic Dublin Fund, but I cannot afford to purchase a membership for Dublin 2019. Is any other support available?

A: In addition to the FDF, we will be donating 12 memberships to Con or Bust, a programme that provides free memberships for People of Colour/non-white people. We will also be setting aside a number of memberships to be given to members of the Irish Traveller community. More information will be available on these programmes later.

Q: What if there’s extra money left over after all applicants receive memberships?

A: Any excess money will be used to provide travel bursaries or other financial assistance to recipients.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: No, our Irish business classification does not provide a tax benefit for donations.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. How do I get more information?

A: Email