Volunteer Opportunities!


For a list of jobs available please go to Dublin 2019 Open Listings.  It will be updated regularly.

Everyone who works on Dublin 2019 is a volunteer, no matter what their role. It is 100% volunteer run by fans for fans. Dublin 2019, like all Worldcons, is a huge and complicated event, so we need as many volunteers as we can get, with 500 being a comfortable number.

Volunteers do everything! This ranges from at-con roles where they staff the Information Desk, manage queues, and check badges to pre-con roles where they organise events, promotional activities, exhibitions, and the programme. Everything you see at the convention (and a lot of behind-the-scenes work) is organised by volunteers. It is a rewarding experience, whether working before or during the convention. You get to put on an event enjoyed by thousands of people while making new friends and sometimes learning new skills.

To help make sure that everyone feels personally valued we have an overall convention philosophy of “Happy Volunteers.” Our goal is to make all of our volunteers feel welcome and part of our growing community. Activities have included volunteer meet-ups in Dublin and at any convention where our committee members attend, but we also send out regular newsletters and sometimes even the odd surprise. At the con and before, our mission is to make sure our volunteers are happy in their work and have the support they need to do that.

The most important thing about all of our volunteers is that we want them to enjoy working with us and that they share our desire to make the convention the best it can possibly be. If you would like to help us make Dublin 2019 a truly great Worldcon please email us at volunteer@dublin2019.com or fill out this form. We will get back to you within two weeks.