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Dublin 2019 Code of Conduct


Codes of Conduct or Harassment Policies enable, guide and encourage safe and secure relationships between convention attendees. They help to make conventions a safer space by discouraging anti-social behaviour and helping everyone to feel comfortable. In the process Codes of Conduct help make a community.

Dublin 2019 endeavours to build a community for all fans and this starts with the Committee, Staff and Volunteers of the convention from the moment it is announced.

Our Contact Team are a group of people not on the Committee or staff who can listen to any issues and escalate them appropriately, discuss them in a totally confidential manner, and/or act as mediators (as per the wishes of the person raising the issue).

We will update this Code of Conduct for the convention, making this a work in progress.


Everyone involved with Dublin 2019 is expected to show respect towards each other as well as any and all people inside or outside of the various speculative fiction communities.

We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind based on age, body size, ethnicity, gender expression, gender identity, neuro-diverse ability, physical ability, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual identity or sexual orientation (this list is not exhaustive).

We will not tolerate stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault, non-consensual photography, inappropriate or unwelcome physical attention, online bullying or harassment of any type.

In addition we are bound by Irish Equality Law, which can be viewed here.

Reporting and Resolving Harassment

If someone involved with Dublin 2019 has harassed you in any way, or if you have witnessed or become aware that harassment has taken place, please ask that person or persons to stop as long as it is safe to do so and if you feel comfortable enough to make the request. If this is not possible, or if you do not want to speak to the harasser directly, please speak to or email one of our volunteers who will escalate your request to an appropriate Committee member.

You can also send a confidential e-mail to Serena Culfeather.

Alternatively you may contact one of our Code of Conduct contact team members. They are specifically chosen for this task, are not members of the Committee, and they can help sensitively handle any issue raised.

Dublin 2019 will act upon any complaint received and will attempt to mediate a solution, which may ultimately result in the volunteer being excluded from the campaign as well as any future activities associated with the convention.

Code of Conduct Contact Team

Nicolle Lamerichs
Mary Miller