Accessibility Policy

At Dublin 2019, an Irish Worldcon, we are committed to maximising the Accessibility of the convention.

The Accessibility Policy has been published here: Accessibility Policy

Initial Access Report – Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), our venue.

A small team of people with specific access needs assessed the CCD and came up with the following evaluation.


The CCD is a relatively new building, and has been built with a strong eye to access and mobility. There is a handout and information on the website about this, including details about the various Assisted Hearing options.

We also want to highlight some of the areas that were particularly praised by our tour. Of note was the fact that at no point during the tour did we have an issue with access or moving around the building. This included using the lifts, access into rooms, corridors and the auditorium.

Main Building

  • All rooms are accessible
  • Most rooms have power switches at a low height for doors, and where there are none, the doors are lightweight. All our team could open them easily
  • Flat screens outside the doors (showing what is on inside the room) can be easily reached and seen by wheelchair users
  • All rooms have individual panels on the walls to control air conditioning and the lighting/blinds. These can be easily reached and seen by wheelchair users
  • Adjustable lighting and curtains (including blackout curtains in all rooms)
  • There is minimal sound bleed. (During Dublin Comic Con the Dublin Bid had a panel in a room backing onto the fan village, there was no sound bleed)
  • The CCD has different seating types, including sofas and chairs with firm backs. Our Bid Team member who needs to sit often tried several different types which were in use
  • All signs are marked with braille in both Irish and UK English
  • There are 2 lifts on each side of the CCD in addition to the constantly moving escalators. The lifts have safety “door open” buttons. When pressed, the doors to the lift do not close until explicitly told otherwise.

The Auditorium

  • Seating can be moved according to need
  • There is a mobility scooter area in front of stage. Chairs can also be removed to make more space here
  • Level 5 (the top area of the auditorium) has wheelchair accessible seating, which is especially useful for people who may be late
  • There is seating for larger people
  • The lift to the stage is quite slow but there is also backstage access (a sloping corridor). Although at a steeper incline than other areas in the building which are usually flat, there are regular flat areas on the ground to break up the incline. Our wheelchair user said that it was easy to navigate
  • At least one changing room backstage is wheelchair user compatible
  • Accessible showers and toilets are in all the changing rooms
  • Back of house is as accessible as front of house
  • Triple strength hearing loops in the auditorium.

Loading Bay

  • There is a sharper ramp in this area, but the loading bay is wheelchair accessible.


  • There are 10 access toilets – 2 per floor (this does not include the backstage toilets)
  • There are unisex toilets on each floor
  • Toilets are generally located at the front of the building, opposite the lifts, or towards the back of the building on either side. There are larger toilets on the ground and first floor.


  • There are eight dedicated spaces in The CCD’s on-site car park for people with a disabled persons parking card, or the equivalent international scheme
  • The car park has a lift which accesses all floors
  • There is a drop-off point outside the main entrance.


Most of these were external to the CCD or will be integrated into our ongoing negotiations with the CCD. We are glad to have been able to have seen the CCD in action, and to identify elements which we might want to do differently.

Food in the CCD

  • Like most convention centres food is traditionally expensive. We are investigating the options with the venue of getting food as cheaply as possible that meets dietary requirements. This will be an ongoing discussion and we will keep you informed.


  • There are accessible toilets at each end of each floor. However, it is likely that these will be used by people without access needs. This is because the non-accessible toilets at each end of each floor are either male or female. We are exploring ways to minimise the use of the accessible toilets by people who do not need them.

Front Doors

  • We are considering the best way to enter the building. This may be the side doors, which are more accessible and wider than the front doors, which are largely cosmetic. The side doors were used by Dublin Comic Con (12,000 people).

If you have any access needs you would like to discuss at any point we are happy to discuss them with you. Please contact us at