July 2016

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‘Harry hadn’t noticed the dragon dropping Fiona off because by now he was clinging to the horse’s neck and looked like a sloth hanging upside down from a branch.’ It’s Irish Fiction Friday once again. Hello everyone, are you feeling that Worldcon feel? Maybe getting ready for MidAmeriCon and looking forwards to red lemonade and drinking […]

Hello everyone! It’s Irish Fiction Friday for the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid Team, and we’re feeling like admiring some art today. Do you remember Cathal O’Sandair? We featured a picture of one of the Captean Spearling books on our fantastic booklet about Irish Science Fiction by Jack Fennell (see the entry on our blog here – […]

It’s Friday, we’re Irish and this is definitely fiction! Mystic fiction! Today we’re bringing you AE aka George William Russell, owner of a particularly fine beard, and whose The Candle of Vision has pretty much everything a SFF reader could desire! Russell’s guide describes various visions including encounters with UFOs. It’s written as ecstatic literature […]

Hey, it’s Irish Fiction Friday from the Dublin 2019 Worldcon team! Worried about all the excitement over in the UK? Get your ‘Definitely in the EU’ supporters membership from us here! Right, on the the reading! If you’ve not been keeping up, as part of our Bid to host the Worldcon in 2019, we are […]