April 2016

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It’s Irish Fiction Friday time, where we showcase SFF from Ireland to encourage you to support the bid for Worldcon in Dublin. Today we’re bringing you something special from a giant of the SFF world: Doctor Who. Johnny Byrne is an Irish writer, born in Dublin, who wrote several classic Doctor Who episodes including The […]

Today it’s time for The Chat with the fantastically talented Susan E Connolly! What are you working on now? What excites or challenges you about this project? I am currently working with the BBC on a potential near-future SF TV show. It has everything! Gore! Emotion! Love! Challenges of prejudice! Intricate discussions of medical economics […]

Jo Zebedee is one of our supporters and has been really involved with promoting Dublin 2019 online from the start. She also helps to organise Women Aloud – a series of events in Northern Ireland celebrating women authors. She’s a prolific new author, and has previously featured on IFF after she sent us some free […]

What’s the collective noun for a group of birthdays? A cake? A bumps? Whatever it is, it was the anniversary of James White’s birthday last week and so this week’s Irish Fiction Friday squeezes in a celebration of one of our most famous and beloved science fiction authors. The Sector General series of 12 books […]

We’ve been gradually serialising Rob Hansen’s adaptation of fan history ‘Then’ for the last year. This time, we’re reaching the end of his account, but we’re also reaching a discussion that has become a central part of fandom and inclusion for years. How do we keep old and new fans happy? How do we welcome […]

  We’ve skipped a couple of Irish Fiction Fridays recently because there’s been so much going on, but today we’re back with an article about Flann O’Brien. It was the 50th anniversary of his death on the 1st of April, and we wanted to share some writing about this iconic Irish author with you. An iconic […]

Can you spot Bekka in this picture ;)! Today we continue our series of chats with authors and creatives who support our Bid for a Worldcon in Ireland for the first time. Bekka King is an author who lives in Seattle but is of Irish descent. Her work is features Irish mythology and is often […]