February 2016

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It’s Irish Fiction Friday once again, where we showcase some of the best SFF fiction that Ireland has to offer in the hope of encouraging you to support our amazing Bid for a Worldcon in Ireland in 2019. With so many authors and creatives, you’d be a rash fool not to! This week we’re showcasing […]

St Patrick’s Day Emma England Every year on the 17th March people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is credited with popularising Christianity in Ireland in the 5th Century. According to writings attributed to him (including the autobiography Confessio) he was originally called Maewyn, he was British […]

More new authors for our blog! Today Nina Shiel joins our Nerdy Dublin team, with a series of articles about great places to visit in and around Dublin. Read on to find out about Marsh’s Library, and scroll down to look at our growing Nerdy Dublin map, which shows all the locations we’ve featured so […]

Merry Marvel Fanzine was the first comic fanzine in UK and Ireland. Edited and created by Tony Roche from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, the first issue came out in 1966. The fanzine for 3 issues, when Tony then announced that he was changing it to Heroes Unlimited so that he could capture more comics, while […]

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! You may have noticed Iain’s work already; on our flyers and posters, at our tables, or maybe you were lucky enough to get one of our postcards of Mae Jemison; the first black female astronaut. He’s everywhere, and we love his work! Iain’s our chosen one for The Chat today! What are you […]

Okay, we’ve cheated again. This week’s Irish ‘Fiction’ Friday is ART! (Artish Fiction Friday?) But goodness me, we need to break the rules sometimes! Francis Danby (1793-1861) was raised in Dublin, where he learned to paint. He traveled around Europe during this life and is a Romantic Era artist famous for his enormous romantic scenes, […]

The Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid take access extremely seriously, and we are already working to make sure that if we win the Bid, our convention is as accessible as possible. Earlier this year, we got our access team to tour the CCD with a specific remit to examine the venue. Their report is below: Access […]

Irish Fiction Friday! This week you may have already read our continuing serialisation of Rob Hansen’s Then, which traces the roots of Irish Fandom. As part of that, Rob mentioned The Enchanted Duplicator. It’s a 26-page parable of fandom by Bob Shaw and Walt Willis, which struck a deep chord in the fannish consciousness and […]

Today we return to Then, Rob Hansen’s history of fandom in the UK and Ireland. He’s edited it especially for us to focus on the impact of Irish fandom, and we’ve been publishing it in bitesized chunks. We’re examining the impact of Walt Willis today, a key member of Irish Fandom. If you want to […]