Worldcon 75 and Dublin 2019 News!

Here’s some news from our friends over in Helsinki, who are hosting the 75th World Science Fiction Convention. This will take place 9-13 August 2017 in Helsinki, Finland, and of course everyone is very excited to bring the Worldcon to Finland for the first time ever, during the 100th year of Finnish independence! They’ve also sent us […]

The CCD in Lego

THIS. IS. AMAZING. One of our subscribers is a huge Lego builds fan and he put us in touch with David Fennell, who has built a Lego version of our venue, the CCD! Check out the auditorium, where nearly 300 stormtroopers are taking part in a debate over ‘Sith vs Jedi’, hosted by none other […]

Nerdy Dublin: Places To Hang Out

by Lynn O’Reilly, So, you’ve come to Dublin’s fair city, perhaps as a tourist, or to pay your Dublin friends a visit. Maybe you’re attending a convention, but want to extend the fun beyond the convention itself. You’re looking a suitable place to socialize with old friends, or the new friends you made at a […]