October 2015

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Halloween is nearly upon us, and what better way is there to enjoy this spooktacular holiday than by reading a classic ghost story by an iconic Irish author? We’re looking forward to some ghostly mayhem with The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. First published in 1887, The Canterville Ghost is a 19th century tale about […]

Hello everyone! Today we’ve got a guest post by Michael Kinn, who contacted us a while ago and asked if he could write about Codex Writers. Michael Kinn is an Irish-based writer who contributes to the wikipedia pages on Irish genre writers (Irish fantasy writers and Irish SF writers) and reports from the trenches on […]

The nights draw in and mist curls through the trees, but today we want you to get your walking boots on for Dublin’s Bram Stoker Festival! But was Dracula Irish, you ask yourself? We’ve got the answers for you on today’s Irish Fiction Friday! As one of our most famous exports, we’ve featured Stoker already […]

Hello everyone! We’re very much enjoying a lot of con-going as the evenings start to draw in and the night becomes dark and full of terrors. Coming up next on our schedule are Eirtakon, Novacon and Gaelcon. We’ll be running tables at all of these, and at Gaelcon we’ll be bringing games! Please drop by […]

This week Irish Fiction Friday features author Lynda E Rucker. Although currently living in the UK, Lynda has lived in Ireland for many years and takes inspiration from the landscape, people and places for her short horror stories. The House on Cobb Street is typical of her eerie, thoughtful prose, but there’s another reason we’re featuring […]

Welcome to an even more Irish IFF than usual! This weekend is Octocon, our national convention, and many of our Committee, Bid Team and Volunteers will be in attendance. Several of the authors and publishers already featured in IFF or on the blog will also be present – including the two guests of Honour – Maura […]

This week it’s the national Irish convention, Octocon, and many of those of us who aren’t actually running it will be there! Also attending, in a rather grander capacity, is Emma Newman, who will be Guest of Honour alongside Maura McHugh (who we featured in Irish Fiction Friday earlier this year). We caught up with […]