September 2015

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For this week’s midweek feature, we return to Rob Hansen’s ‘Then’. We’ve been serialising an edited version of his work, which focusses on Irish fandom and it’s development over the years. Today we look at ‘Operation Shamrookie’, a tale of infiltration and deceit! 3. Hoaxes and Cons In 1952, Vince Clarke was to initiate a devious […]

This week there’s a distinct nip in the air on our shores, and Irish Fiction Friday comes to you with a warm cup of coffee and a biscuit, although did someone mention cake…? *mysterious foreshadowing smile*. Anyway! We’ve been ploughing through our Irish authors, although every time we turn around, we seem to find even […]

The National Irish Science Fiction Film Festival are pleased to announce the nominations for this year’s Golden Blasters. You can read more about the Golden Blasters, which are now in their seventh year, over on their webpage. The festival is usually held at the National Irish Science Fiction Convention; Octocon, so look out for it […]

We’re very keen to promote Irish Fandom, and the many conventions and events that run throughout the year. Today we’re got a guest feature by Phil Lowles of Titancon, talking about the convention next week. Several of us will be there and it’s a really great convention with a lot of heart. Because of Belfast’s close […]

This week in Ireland we can smell autumn coming on the wind, so it’s time to curl up with another free SFF extract from Irish Fiction Friday. We like to feature horror and the Gothic alongside our usual SFF settings, and this week Irish Fiction Friday brings you a tale of the Irish beyond Ireland. […]

It’s official! Gareth, our wonderful registrar, has crunched the numbers for August and over Sasquan we gained our 800th supporter! This is amazing news for our Bid. We’ve had such kindness and support, and without this sort of backing, we wouldn’t be able to run our campaign. Being a supporter also helps us as we […]

Back in August, we attended the Dublin Comic Con and gave out thousands of free science fiction books. It was a fantastic event, and we really enjoyed meeting so many Irish fans. Whilst we were there, we also spent time watching how the venue itself functioned. Over 15 000 fans came through the doors over […]

Friday rolls around again, and we’re here once more with a free extract of SFF literature. Today however, we’re also delighted to showcase our new IFF logo, made by Bid Team member Shevaun Frazier (who has also done a lot of our vector work, including the main Dublin 2019 t-shirt logos. It depicts the Children […]