August 2015

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Hello! To those of you new to Irish Fiction Friday (IFF), welcome, and for you die hards, Slainte! Every week we feature a free extract from a piece of Irish SFF fiction. Sometimes it’s a native author, sometimes someone who moved to our emerald shores, and sometimes, as with today, it’s a piece that uses Ireland […]

Hello all! We hope you had a great Worldcon and that everyone got home safe and well. And to those of you that couldn’t make it, we hope you had a wonderful weekend regardless. Here on the blog, we thought we’d return to Rob Hansen’s celebration of UK and Irish fandom, with another edited extract […]

This week it’s Worldcon, hurrah! Of course, Worldcon also means The Hugo Awards Ceremony, and here on Irish Fiction Friday we have a nominee in the running! James Bacon is our fantastic Bid Chair, and he’s been driving the Dublin 2019 bid right from the start. However, there is more than one string upon James’ bow. Alongside Chris […]

“One, two, three, four, five! Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road. All the way to Dublin’, whack-fol-la-de-da” The Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid is  absolutely delighted to present their first promotional video! The Rocky Road to Dublin is a jaunty Irish folk song about an adventurous young swain who sets his sights on […]

Dear Dublin 2019 Supporters, Friends, Volunteers and the Curious, Dublin 2019’s main news sources are Facebook and Twitter but now, just two years away from the vote for the 2019 Worldcon, we thought it a good idea to present a summary of our activities this year. Frank and Millie’s party room at ConCave Our fantastic party mavens Frank and […]

We had a fantastic time at our SFF books outreach this weekend at Dublin Comicon, where we gave away over 2500 books to attendees, and chatted to them about fandom, the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid, and Irish Conventions. It was great to see so many people excited by what we were doing, and agonising over […]

‘Colorists are the unknown amazing backup singer that makes every track awesome’. We’re at Dublin Comicon this weekend, handing out free science fiction and fantasy books as part of our Outreach project. We aim to spread the word about local fandom and conventions around Ireland and the UK. The more fans we have, the merrier […]