July 2015

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Do you remember when we featured Peadar Ó Guilín‘s The Drowner, back in May? It was a spooky story of drowning and the deep. Well, today on Irish Fiction Friday, we’re bringing you a different extract about the deeps by an equally exciting author: Celine Kiernan. Her work includes the award winning Moorehawke Trilogy, a YA fantasy […]

How would you describe your work to people who may be unfamiliar with you? I have an extremely varied CV! I guess I’m primarily known for writing much of the background and character material for 7TV, the cult TV skirmish/roleplaying game. I also spent a ridiculous amount of effort creating and casting non-existent movies and […]

Sail away sail away sail away…  Enya is singer, songwriter and musician, all rolled into one, and her music has featured heavily in Fantasy film and television since she first joined Clannad in the 1980s and provided much of the vocals and music for the TV series  Robin of Sherwood (and we’d just like to interject […]

Today we bring you Part 1 of Then, the history of English and Irish fandom that’s been especially edited for us by author Rob Hansen. These extracts provide an amazing account of how Irish fandom developed, and we really hope you enjoy the series! The prologue, as well as links to Rob’s original, and more […]