June 2015

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Michael Carroll This week we bring you an interview by James Bacon with Michael Carroll, who discusses his current 2000AD Dredd series – Blood of Emeralds. This series started in Prog 1934, and continues for six issues. It sees the return of Judge Fintan Joyce, who, as the name suggests, hails from our (post-apocalyptic) shores… […]

Welcome to this week’s Irish Fiction Friday! We hope you’re enjoying these forays into the landscape of Irish Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writing. And don’t forget to support us! Even following us on Twitter or liking our posts helps (it makes us feel special and we love you for it; win-win!), and we’re always […]

An Comhrá / The Chat! A new feature for our blog! As we travel hither and yon as part of the Dublin 2019 Worldcon bid, we’re bumping into fans, authors and supporters who want to champion Dublin 2019 for us. Unlike our Irish Fiction Friday contributors, many of these come from around the world, and […]

It’s been a busy week for the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid! We’ve been working on some special blog entries, taking delivery of our Outreach books, writing thank-you letters and working hard on our plans for Sasquan. We’re also starting to correspond with authors and other writers about two new blog series. The first part of […]

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you one of the definitive histories of Irish and UK fandom. Rob Hansen has very kindly allowed us to reprint extracts from his ongoing and always in progress account of how fandom developed on these two shores, an absolutely fascinating history of how and why fandom […]

As part of our ongoing series about SFF in Ireland, today we present a short piece by Edward James on the role of Home Rule and how it has affected Science Fiction. With many prominent science fiction authors writing over this period, there are many references or allusions to Home Rule, and the repercussions it […]

Since January 2015, for every Friday, we have featured an Irish author or resident, or a piece of science fiction, fantasy or horror fiction relating to Ireland, providing a free extract for you to read. We’ve had exclusives, supported new authors, reintroduced some classics, and had an eclipse! We’ve featured fans, videos, lectures, curios, and […]