May 2015

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OH! MY! It’s Irish Fiction Friday, complete with George Takei. No really. It is. Today the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid Team are showcasing the best of Irish SF/F/H talent by bringing you the amazing short animation; ‘The Missing Scarf‘, directed and written by Eoin Duffy, and produced by Jamie Hogan. It’s a black comedy about planets […]

Last Friday, Ireland went to the polls in order to vote in a referendum about whether same sex marriage should be recognised legally. This is the first time that this question has been put to the general vote – previously this law has been passed by various governments, rather than via a popular vote. We’re […]

This week’s IFF is a haunting supernatural story…with a plaster cast! Fitz James O’Brien (also spelt Fitz-James) was an Irish immigrant who was born in County Cork in 1828 and moved to America, where he devoted his life to writing short fiction and articles. His writing contained both weird fiction and horror, and he is […]