March 2015

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Dublin 2019 had fun on St Patrick’s Day going green. Our Volunteers, Supporters, Committee and Bid Team dressed up in green throughout the month and had a great time! Here you can see some of the best photos we were sent, and don’t forget we are always happy to see your images supporting a Worldcon […]

Welcome to Irish Fiction Friday! Have you noticed anything unusual about today? A certain lowering in the skies, darkness falling in the daytime? Much of Ireland and the UK experienced an eclipse today; reaching up to 95% coverage in Dublin. Alas, it was cloudy, but we haven’t let that darken our mood. We’ve got a […]

It’s an extra special Irish St Patrick’s Day Fiction Friday!!! It’s St Patrick’s Day on the 17th, although many of you will be celebrating this weekend. (psttt…send us your green photos!) so we have a REALLY special IFF for you this week. Eoin Colfer is one of Ireland’s greatest talent, the current Children’s Laureate for […]

Many of you will know Dave Lally for his unfailing duty to fandom over the last few decades. Dave is a familiar and friendly face at conventions around the world, and was recently fan Guest of Honour at Redemption (20-22 Feb 2015). This year, Dave is 65, and he’s hosting a number of tables and […]